TenderCare Thanks you for your understanding!

This year TenderCare held its annual staff training August 29, 30, 31.  Why is staff training important to a quality child care center like TenderCare?  Training allows TenderCare to strengthen those sills that each employee needs to implement when working with children and their families.  TenderCare training brings all employees to a higher level of expertise so they all have similar skills and knowledge.  TenderCare annual training also increases job satisfaction and morale among the employees which in turn reduces staff turn-over resulting in better early care and education for children.  Annual training also increases staff motivation and innovation in strategies and planning.    Overall, training creates a supportive workplace which has enhanced TenderCare’s ability to be a 5 Star Center at both its locations for many years.

This year TenderCare developed an Internal Vision Statement for staff as part of its Strategic Plan for the future.  It reads as follows:

“Empower teachers to hold the key to their futures through mentorships and

diverse opportunities in a collaborative environment improving each other’s lives

and the surrounding community.”

I know that parents make other arrangements for their children during the three days of training.  I would like to acknowledge that effort and thank TenderCare parents for their support of the annual training.

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