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Single Father

I am very grateful for TenderCare Child Care Center and their caring, nurturing staff. As a single father of a baby girl I had no idea what I was doing as a parent. I knew that she was in great hands the first day she started in the infant room.  The teachers welcomed us with open arms. I was able to stop in anytime to be with my child and speak with the teachers. As my child grew and moved into new classrooms, we were greeted and treated with care by every teacher. I am given updates of my child’s day, every day, and I am always amazed with all of the new skills she is learning. I am given projects and activities to do at home with her to extend her learning and kept informed of things I can do as a parent.

TenderCare has and still goes beyond the call of duty for me and all families that attend the center. One of the most rewarding experiences that I have at TenderCare is all of the family functions parents are invited to. We are able to connect with other parents, share ideas, get resource information, and sometimes just do activities with our children. TenderCare is a great nonjudgmental learning environment for children and their parents. I am grateful to have such a wonderful place for me and my daughter.